Michael W. Austin

Curriculum Vitae

Mattox 225

Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, KY 40475


office: 859-622-1022

cell: 859-979-1355

October 2016


Ph.D.   Philosophy, 2004, University of Colorado at Boulder

Dissertation:  Parental Rights and Obligations

Advisor: David Boonin

M.A.   Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, 2000 (Highest Honors), Talbot School of Theology,

Biola University
B.A.    Political Science, 1991, Kansas State University



Professor of Philosophy

Eastern Kentucky University  2012-present

Department Chair  2015-present

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Eastern Kentucky University 2007-2012

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Eastern Kentucky University 2004-2007



Ethics (Theoretical and Applied)



Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Sport, Philosophy of Technology, Existentialism, Popular Philosophy



The Virtue of Humility: A Study in Analytic Moral Theology (research monograph currently

under revision).

“Humility in Competitive Contexts,” for the volume Humility, edited by Jennifer Wright, in the

book series Becoming Virtuous, edited by Nancy Snow and Darcia Narvaez (Oxford University Press).

Cultivating Christian Virtue (an edited volume of new essays). Part I contains theoretical

discussions of the cultivation of virtue grounded in the works of Joseph Butler, Francis of Assisi, Augustine, and Julian of Norwich, among others. Part II examines the cultivation of particular virtues such as humility, love, attentiveness, contrition, and self-control.



Books (Authored)

Wise Stewards: Philosophical Foundations of Christian Parenting (Kregel Academic, 2009).

Conceptions of Parenthood: Ethics and the Family. Ashgate Studies in Applied Ethics (Ashgate,



Books (Edited)

Virtues in Action: New Essays in Applied Virtue Ethics (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life, with R. Douglas Geivett (Eerdmans, 2012).


Journal Articles

“The Doctrine of Theosis: A Transformational Union with Christ,” Journal of Spiritual

Formation and Soul Care 8 (2015): 172-186.

“Is Humility a Virtue in the Context of Sport?” Journal of Applied Philosophy 31 (2014): 203-


“Sport as a Moral Practice: An Aristotelian Approach,” Philosophy, Philosophy and Sport,

Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 73 (2013): 29-43.

“Defending Humility: A Philosophical Sketch with Replies to Tara Smith and David Hume,”

Philosophia Christi 14 (2012): 461-470.

“Sports as Exercises in Spiritual Formation,” Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul

Care 3 (2010): 66-78.

“Magnanimity, Athletic Excellence, and Performance-Enhancing Drugs,” Journal of

Applied Philosophy 26 (2009): 46-53.

“Popular Culture in the Philosophy Classroom: A Modest Defense,” with Greg Bassham,

American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy 8 (2008): 6-9.

“Do Children Have a Right to Play?” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 34 (2007): 135-146.

“Fundamental Interests and Parental Rights,” International Philosophical Quarterly 47

(2007): 221-235.

“Moral Difficulties in Plantinga’s Model of Warranted Christian Belief,” Philosophy and

Theology 17 (2005): 121-132.

“The Failure of Biological Accounts of Parenthood,” The Journal of Value Inquiry 38

(2004): 499-510.

“It Is Ethical Intuitionism, and Not Another Thing:  A Reply to Eggleston,” Southwest

Philosophy Review 20 (2004): 155-157.

“On the Alleged Irrationality of Ethical Intuitionism:  Are Ethical Intuitions

Epistemically Suspect?” Southwest Philosophy Review 19 (2003): 205-213.


Book Chapters

“Moral Actions in Lopsided Games,” in Philosophy: Sport, Macmillan Interdisciplinary

Handbooks, R. Scott Kretchmar (Macmillan, forthcoming 2017).

“Parenthood and Personally Transformative Experiences,” in Procreation, Parenthood, and

Educational Rights: Ethical and Philosophical Issues, eds. Michael Cholbi and Jaime Ahlberg (Routledge, forthcoming 2017).



“Christian Humility as a Social Virtue,” in Character: New Directions from Philosophy,

Psychology, and Theology, Christian Miller, Angela Knobel, R. Michael Furr, and William Fleeson, eds. (Oxford University Press, 2015), pp. 333-350.

“Doping, Sport, and the Pursuit of Excellence,” in Doping, Opposing Viewpoints Series

(Greenhaven Press, 2014).

“Sport as a Moral Practice: An Aristotelian Approach,” in Virtues in Action (Palgrave

Macmillan, 2013), pp. 39-52.

“‘How Then Shall We Live?’: Virtue, Happiness, and the Renovation of the Soul,” in Loving

God with Your Mind: Essays in Honor of J.P. Moreland, Paul Gould and Richard David, eds. (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2014), pp. 201-212.

“Moral Inquiry,” in The Routledge Companion to Theism, eds. Charles Taliaferro, Victoria

Harrison, and Stewart Goetz (Routledge, 2012), pp. 330-341.

“Compassion,” in Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life (Eerdmans, 2012), pp. 185-



Encyclopedia Entries

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“Whistleblowing:  Corporate and Public Policy” (with Mike Harper)

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Book Reviews

A Brief Theology of Sport, by Lincoln Harvey, in Journal of the Evangelical Theological

Society 58 (2015): 205-209.

The Second-Person Perspective in Aquinas’s Ethics, by Andrew Pinsent, in The Philosophical

Quarterly 64 (2014): 507-509.

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Published 11-12-2010.

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Popular Philosophy: Books

The Olympics and Philosophy, co-edited with Heather Reid (University Press of Kentucky,


Coffee – Philosophy for Everyone: Grounds for Debate, co-edited with Scott Parker (Wiley-

Blackwell, 2011).

Fatherhood – Philosophy for Everyone: The Dao of Daddy, co-edited with Lon Nease (Wiley-

Blackwell, 2011).

Cycling – Philosophy for Everyone: A Philosophical Tour de Force, co-edited with Jesús

Ilundain (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010).

Football and Philosophy: Going Deep, editor (University Press of Kentucky, 2008).

Running and Philosophy: A Marathon for the Mind, editor (Wiley-Blackwell, 2007).


Popular Philosophy: Book Chapters and Articles

“A Greatness of Olympic Proportions,” in The Olympics and Philosophy (University Press of

Kentucky, 2012), pp. 9-22.

“The Necessary Ground of Being,” in Coffee—Philosophy for Everyone (Wiley-Blackwell,

2011), pp. 25-33.

“Dads and Daughters: Wisdom for a Winding Road,” in Fatherhood – Philosophy for Everyone

(Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), pp. 190-201.

“From Shoes to Saddle,” in Cycling – Philosophy for Everyone (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010),

  1. 173-182.

“Lost Together: Fathers, Sons, and Moral Obligations,” in The Ultimate Lost and Philosophy

(Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), pp. 220-232.

*Earlier version: “What Do Jack and Locke Owe Their Fathers?” in Lost and Philosophy, edited by Sharon Kaye (Wiley-Blackwell, 2007), pp. 9-17.

“Why Harry and Socrates Decide to Die: Virtue and the Common Good,” in The Ultimate

Harry Potter and Philosophy, edited by Gregory Bassham (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), pp.


“Football, Fame, and Fortune,” The Other Journal 18 (2010):


“Why Winning Matters,” Think 9 (2010): 99-102.

“Crowning a True Champion: The Case for a College Football Playoff,” in Football and

Philosophy, pp. 117-127.

“Chasing Happiness Together: Running and Aristotle’s Philosophy of Friendship,” in Running

and Philosophy, pp. 11-19.



*“Sport for the Sake of the Soul,” Inaugural Global Congress on Sport and Christianity, York St.

John University, August 2016.

*“For the Sake of Character: A Trinitarian Family Ethic,” Plenary Address at the Annual

Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, November 2015.

“Humility: A Study in Analytic Moral Theology,” The Character Project Workshop, Wake

Forest University, June 2013.

“The Virtue of Humility,” Society of Christian Philosophers Mountain-Pacific Region

Conference, University of Colorado-Boulder, March 2013.

“On the Need for Analytic Moral Theology,” Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical

Society, November 2012.

*“Conceptions of Parenthood,” California State University, Sacramento, March 2012.

*“Sport as a Moral Practice:  An Aristotelian Approach,” Royal Institute of Philosophy, London,

November 2011; also delivered at California State University, Sacramento, March 2012.

“Omnibenevolence and God’s Moral Concessions in the Old Testament,”

Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, November 2010.

“The Nature and Practice of Compassion,” Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical

Society, Providence, RI, November 2008.

“Magnanimity, Modafinil, and Moral Theory,” International Association for the Philosophy

of Sport, Central Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, April 2008 (in absentia).

“Do Children Have a Right to Play?” International Association for the Philosophy of Sport,

Central Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, April 2007.

“The Compassionate Person,” Chautauqua Lecture Series at Eastern Kentucky University,

March 8, 2007.

“Teaching Controversial Topics,” EKU Teaching and Learning Center, January 2007.

“Virtue in a Naturalistic Vise: Theism, Naturalism, and the Good Life of Virtue,” Annual

Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, Washington, DC, November 2006.

“A Causal Account of Parental Obligations,” 9th Annual Inland Northwest Philosophy

Conference: Action, Ethics, and Responsibility, Washington State University, March


“The Inadequacy of Biological Accounts of Parenthood,” 57th Annual Mountain-Plains

Philosophy Conference, Fort Hays State University, October 2004.

“On the Justification and Extent of Parental Rights,” 20th International Social Philosophy

Conference, Annual Meeting of the North American Society for Social Philosophy,

Boston, MA, July 2003; A version of this paper was also presented at the Center for

Values and Social Policy, University of Colorado-Boulder, in February 2003.

“On the Alleged Irrationality of Ethical Intuitionism:  Are Ethical Intuitions Epistemically

Suspect?” 64th Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Philosophical Society, Kansas City, MO, November 2002.

“A Very Limited Defense of the Argument from Contingency,” Annual Meeting of the

Evangelical Philosophical Society, Colorado Springs, CO, November, 2001.



“Character Essay and Book Prize” from The Character Project for Being Good: Christian Virtues

for Everyday Life, with Doug Geivett (Eerdmans, 2012), June 2013.

“Humility: A Study in Analytic Moral Theology,” Research Grant from The Character Project,

Wake Forest University, The John Templeton Foundation, 2012-2013

Critical Thinking Teacher of the Year Award Nominee, 2012

Golden Apple Teaching Award Nominee, 2011

National Endowment for the Humanities, Enduring Questions Course Grant, “Do we need God

for the good life?” Summer 2009-Summer 2011

EKU College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Research and Creative Activities Award, 2008

EKU College of Arts & Sciences Junior Faculty Summer Research Award, 2006

McNair Community Fellow LOVE Award (for outstanding McNair mentors), 2004

Graduate Teacher Program Certification, University of Colorado, 2003

Departmental Nominee for Teaching Excellence Award, University of Colorado, 2002

The Robert N. Oliver Award in Systematic Theology, 2000

  • Given to the student with the best work for the year in the Department of Systematic Theology, Talbot School of Theology

Phi Beta Kappa, 1990




Member of IACUC, 2012-2015

Coordinator, “Faculty Ethics,” Professional Learning Community, 2010-2011.

Member of Internal Review Board, Fall 2009-Spring 2011

Member of the Retention and Graduation Task Force (appointed), Fall 2006-Spring 2008

Member of the EKU Center for Environmental Education Advisory Board, 2005-2007

EKU Reads Project, Discussion Group Leader, 2005

PLUS Mentoring Program Mentor, 2004-2005



Research and Faculty Development Committee, 2016-present

Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2012-2013.

Academic Integrity Committee, 2010-2011

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee, 2006-2008

Curriculum Committee, 2006

Planning Group, Environmental Issues Theme for General Education, 2006

New General Education Program Assessment Workshop, 2005


Department of Philosophy and Religion

Committee of the Whole, 2004-present

Philosophy Club Debate Participant, “Should there be reparations for slavery in the United

States?” February 2013

Search Committee Chair, Ethics search, 2007, 2008

Search Committee, Eastern Thought search, 2006

General Education Assessment, Course Coordinator for PHI 130 and PHI 240, 2005-


Department Newsletter Committee, 2004-2006
Department Committee on Academic Practices, 2004-2006

Proposal Coordinator for General Education Curriculum, PHI 130, 240, 363, and 385,


Philosophy Club Debate Participant, “When Should the U.S. Engage in Political

Assassination?” November 2005

Philosophy Club Co-Advisor, 2004-2005

Philosophy Club Debate Participant, “Should the U.S.A. Permit Same-Sex Marriages or

Same-Sex Civil Unions?” October 2004



Reviewer for Ethics, Social Theory and Practice, Religious Studies, Journal of Religious Ethics,

Journal of Applied Philosophy, The Journal of Value Inquiry, Hypatia, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Theoria, Philosophia Christi, Philosophia, Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Philosophical Papers, Humanities, Rowman and Littlefield, Springer, Palgrave Macmillan, University Press of Kentucky, Thomson Wadsworth, Oxford University Press, and Prentice Hall.

Executive Council, International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, 2008-2011

Member of American Philosophical Association Committee on Public Philosophy, 2008-2011

Speaker, Speakers Bureau of the Kentucky Humanities Council, 2006-2008, 2009, 2015-present

Contributor, In Socrates’ Wake: A Philosophy Teaching Blog